Wednesday, 22 January 2014

the entertainment network

We all know the Internet as a vast universe with a never-ending supply of information and entertainment.  Yet, somehow, we get bored with it.

Luckily, the following websites exist to ensure that you never get tired of the World Wide Web.

1.  Incredibox – This site allows you to be the conductor of a human beat box.  There are three game versions to choose from in which you drag different effects, beats, melodies, choruses, and voices from the menu and drop them onto one of the “blank” fellas.  Obviously this site is only good if you have your speakers turned up, so it’s not a good time waster to use at work.

2. Explosm – This is the website of Cyanide and Happiness, a web comic created by Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, Matt Melvin and Dave McElfatrick.  The comics usually focus on controversial topics and people, and are for adult audiences only.  The characters rarely have names and only a handful are featured in more than one comic, but man are they entertaining. 

3. I Raff I Ruse – “Leave your morals at the door”.  This site is basically a collection of Internet memes submitted by users.  New images are posted daily and they range from Overly Attached Girlfriend to SpoodermanWarning: This site is highly addictive; days can pass while you’re scrolling through the pages and you won’t even know it.

4. You had one job This site is a compilation of failed tasks that are meant to be straightforward.   That’s basically all I can say about it.  Oh, and it’s hilarious.

5. Buzzfeed – This is a viral media website that contains posts from both users and staff.  The content includes videos, links, and lists (my favourite!).  The categories span from celebrities to food to world politics.   The posts are usually very amusing, and some of them can actually be quite helpful.

6. Textastrophe – The creator of this site looks through ads on Craig’s List and sends text messages to the posters with the intention of messing with them.  The website is a compilation of the text message conversations between the creator (or one of his alter egos) and the ad poster.  Yeah, it seems pretty cruel, but they are worth a read.

7.  AwfulDrawings – This site is a collection of satirical drawings by Matthew Barrère.  Sometimes the drawings are mocking pop culture, world events, etc., but mostly they’re just focused on everyday things.  Most of them are pretty creative.

8.  CreepyPasta – This website is a compendium of short horror stories that are submitted by users and are designed to frighten and disturb the reader.  There are several categories of stories, including based on a true story, murders, zombies, and entities.  The stories are rated and critiqued by other users so you can choose stories to read based on score as well as offer your own criticism where you deem necessary.  You can also submit your own stories.

9. Nonsense Thoughts – This brilliant corner of the Internet is brought to you by Chris Collins who has been carrying a sketchbook with him for years and creating pictures and comics about life.   Many of his posts are thought provoking but also easily relatable.  (Chris Collins also has a site called Today I Evolve, which is a collection of short, zen-like musings that are also worth reading).

10.  Exploding Dog – This gem was created by Sam Brown who encourages users to send in titles of pictures that they want to see him create.  He then comes up with exceptionally delightful drawings using his own, unique brand of characters to match the user-submitted titles.  His creations are always very lovable 


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