Monday, 18 September 2017

Vituary - Kimberley Parsons

Kimberley Parsons

 Where do I even start?

I met Kim when I started working at CNA.  Obviously, I was super intimidated by her because she was friggin’ beautiful and had legs for days.  The more I worked with her, the more we realized how similar we are.

If you know Kim, you know she’s the youngest thirty-something-year-old you’ll meet.  She’s always up for adventures, she has the greatest sense of humour, and she always looks for the silver lining which is something most of us lack the willpower to do these days.

Kim is the type of person to put herself out in order to make someone else’s life easier.  She’s so giving and so genuine that the world would be an amazing place if we had the ability to clone her.

 She’s also got a brain on her like nobody else.  Whether it’s school, finances, love, or just general life bullsh*t, she’s always my first call when I have a question or need some advice.

Without question, Kim is one of the absolute best people on this planet and I feel so lucky that she considers me one of her best friends.

And if you haven’t
tasted the Christmas Crack that this Amazonian Goddess can whip up, you’re not living a full life.

late 14c., "death," from Middle French obit or directly from Latin obitus "death," noun use of past participle of obire "to die," literally "to go toward" (see obituary). In modern usage (since 1874) it is usually a clipped form of obituary, though it had the same meaning of "published death notice" 15c.-17c.
plural vitae, Latin, literally "life," from PIE root *gwei- "to live."

While recently watching Rex Murphy’s tribute to my late father, I was saddened that my father wasn’t able to hear Murphy’s wonderful words.  I’ve decided to write pieces that are dedicated to telling the people in my life how great I think they are.  I call them “Vituaries.”  

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