Monday, 28 January 2013

newf and proud

Welcome to the biggest time waster on the interwebs.  I don’t even know why you’re here.  Not that I think you care, but I’m going to briefly introduce myself. I’m a 22-year-old, socially awkward mug enthusiast. Avid gamer, amateur songstress, lover of John Cusack.  I’m currently in a monotonous, slightly demeaning administrative job, making more money than I deserve.  I live in Newfoundland and am damn proud of it. 

I’ve kept up with a few friends’ Facebook pages, blogs, vlogs, etc. after they moved away, and there seems to be a common factor that pops up in a lot of their posts:  they are ashamed of where they come from.

Listen, be proud of where you come from.  Don’t be too chicken to stand up and say the fact that you’re from our little green province fills you with prideBecause, as you know if you’re from here, we have enough trouble with the rest of the world thinking we live in igloos and the only thing we eat is fish.  If you have half a brain, you also know that agreeing with whatever self-righteous butthole that is dissing your hometown makes you look like you have no ballsack.   

I’m sorry, but Newfoundland kicks ass.  Lots of greenery, deadly ol’ dialect, and an awesome LBGT community.

Moral of the story – stop being a wimp and be proud of your Newfie heritage.

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