Monday, 4 March 2013

a bad rap

What the hell is going on with rap lately?  My boyfriend (unfortunately) listens to a quite a lot of rap and when he’s listening in the car and I’m in the passenger seat (which, by the way, would be the only instance in which I would subject myself to such torture), my jaw drops at the stupidity of the lyrics:

 “Yeah, I mean you ain’t the only real, nigga
They got me on these white women like Seal, nigga
Slave to the pussy but I’m just playing the field, nigga
Yeah, are these people really discussing my career again?


Why do people want to listen to this?  What happened to the good ol’ days when Will Smith was rappin’ about girls being nothin’ but trouble and parents not understandin’?  And what about this gem:

“Take heed, 'cause I'm a lyrical poet
Miami's on the scene just in case you didn't know it
My town, that created all the bass sound
Enough to shake and kick holes in the ground

Granted, Vanilla Ice’s self-proclamation of “a lyrical poet” can be considered somewhat less than accurate, but at least he doesn’t rhyme the word “nigga” with “nigga” (three times, at that).

I’m not saying that all rap is horrible, but about 90% of rap songs nowadays lack any kind of substance.  If all you want to rap about is female reproductive organs, how did you even get famous in the first place?  It doesn’t even take any kind of skill or education to write rap lyrics.  Just throw in lots of profanity, refer to women in a demeaning manner, and say “yo” a lot. There, you’ve got yourself a #1 hit.

Makes me angry that people who can’t even be bothered to put together a proper sentence own million-dollar condos and are driving Lamborghinis (are they still popular?  I know nothing about cars). 

On that negative, slightly spiteful note, I leave you with a rapper who knows what’s up (and who happens to be one of my guilty pleasures).

Enjoy, hoes.

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