Thursday, 21 March 2013


As I was ransacking my room the other day looking for my iPod, I found my Bop-It that I had gotten for Christmas like 5 years ago.  First, I was all like “man, I really should clean out my room” but then I was all like “man, remember how frigging awesome Bop-It used to be?”   Consequently, I have compiled a list of my top ten favourite playthings as a child.  Beware: nostalgia will soon be setting in.
1.      Bop-It – as mentioned earlier, Bop-It was the COOLEST.  I used to be so deadly at it, too.  I know you’re probably thinking you were just as good, but, seriously, I was better.  Everyone thinks they’re awesome at Bop-it, but trust me, I’m the best.  I’d school everyone in a game of “pass it”.  I probably still could.  And then there was Bop-It Extreme, at which I also kicked truckloads
of ass.  Seriously.

2.      Skydancers – these were like the version of Barbies that older kids weren’t too embarrassed to play with.  And they were SO COOL.  Well, they were for like the first little while after you got them.  You’d get one for Christmas and see how long it took you to get it stuck in the garland on the ceiling.  And then you’re just… over it.  Until you got a new one, obviously.

3.      Echo Mic – this was seriously such a simple toy, but you could entertain yourself for hours just from shouting “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” into it.  You could also really annoy the shit out of your parents, which is undoubtedly another perk.

Yak Bak – this little shitty device could only record like five or so seconds of sound, but there was no limit to the number of things we could come up with to record.  Mostly swear words and different names for reproductive organs.  A laugh and a half.

5.      Tamagotchi – I don’t know why everybody was so obsessed with these, but I swear to frig you weren’t a cool kid if you didn’t own one.  Needless to say, I didn’t own one.  I think a friend let me borrow hers once and I got bored with it and ended up letting the little frigger die… and then she got really mad at me.  Sorry, Brittany.

Pogs – OH MAN, POGS.  I’m not even sure I knew how to play Pogs.  But, shit, did I love collecting them.  I think I had like 5 slammers and I didn’t even know what they were used for. 
hey were just my
favourite Pogs.

Furby – creepy little bastards.  How did anyone ever think these things were cute?  The voice alone was enough to give you nightmares.  I swear they still did shit without even having batteries in them.

8.      Polly Pocket – remember these?  They came with one shitty little “Polly” piece that you could lay in one of the little circular indentations throughout the castle/mall/water park scene and then she’d just stand there.  Then you could move her to the next place, and make her stand there instead. WTF.

Sock’em Boppers – these were pretty hardcore.  You could give someone a serious nosebleed with these.  Giving a set of these to a kid with a sibling was basically like giving them a license to kill.  But they were so awesome.

       10.  Easy bake oven – this was a luxury that I never got to experience.  I can only imagine the splendor of owning one of these treasures.  The 20-somethings that you see driving around in cars that their parents obviously paid for were the kids who got Easy Bake Ovens for their birthday.  Spoiled bitches.

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  1. im pretty sure i had all of these things...You would always get a polly pocket for your birthday. and you'd open it. even though your mom told you not to, and you'd have lost Polly before the birthday party was even over.