Thursday, 11 May 2017

Vituary - Judy Kavanagh

Judy Kavanagh

Before I met Judy, I never knew anybody who could make Jiggs dinner while spittin’ Obie Trice lyrics.

Judy is one of the kindest, most sincere people I know.  She has such a big heart and she’s constantly putting others before herself.

She is a wine enthusiast, a Dr. Phil fan (my kind’a woman!), and a Bon Jovi devotee. 

Every time Christopher and I fly home for a visit, Judy has a freshly-made bed and a freshly-stocked fridge waiting for us.  She makes the best goulash, mac and cheese, and Shake’N Bake wings in the entire world.  No, really – she does.

Judy always makes time for family – every Sunday she’s at her mother’s doing her hair, and she makes sure she meets with her sisters every couple of weeks to have a glass of wine and a few laughs.
Judy’s treated me like a daughter for a while now and I’ve always looked up to her like a second mother (or third, I guess!).  I have so much love for her and I’m so grateful that she’s a part of my life.

Only another two and a half months and we’ll be home with ya, Jude.  We can share a bottle of wine and I’ll fill you in on the crazy hijinks I’ve gotten myself into since the last time I’ve been home.


late 14c., "death," from Middle French obit or directly from Latin obitus "death," noun use of past participle of obire "to die," literally "to go toward" (see obituary). In modern usage (since 1874) it is usually a clipped form of obituary, though it had the same meaning of "published death notice" 15c.-17c.
plural vitae, Latin, literally "life," from PIE root *gwei- "to live."

While recently watching Rex Murphy’s tribute to my late father, I was saddened that my father wasn’t able to hear Murphy’s wonderful words.  I’ve decided to write pieces that are dedicated to telling the people in my life how great I think they are.  I call them “Vituaries.”  

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