Thursday, 11 May 2017

Vituary - Randy Kavanagh

Randy Kavanagh

Randy has been like a second father to me for a few years now, and since my own dad’s death, he’s been one of the most prominent father figures in my life.

loves dogs, hardcore hikes, and his family more than anything.

Randy wasn’t dealt the best hand as a youngster, so he’s made it his life’s mission to ensure his son, the light of his life, never wants for anything.

Randy is a man of simple pleasures; all he needs is his family around him and an ice-cold beer and he’s happy as a clam.  Maybe a few Babybels, too.

Randy stands his ground and would go to war for his family – he’d also give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.

He barbeques a mean steak and can polish off a Heineken mini keg like nobody’s business.

Randy is an
extremely important part of my life and he lives very large in my heart.  I mean, he had a hand in creating the love of my life, so.  Yeah.

Can’t wait to see you in July, Randz.  We’ll spend a week at Sunshine Park eating dried fruit and cookin’ on your mini keg wood stove.


late 14c., "death," from Middle French obit or directly from Latin obitus "death," noun use of past participle of obire "to die," literally "to go toward" (see obituary). In modern usage (since 1874) it is usually a clipped form of obituary, though it had the same meaning of "published death notice" 15c.-17c.
plural vitae, Latin, literally "life," from PIE root *gwei- "to live."

While recently watching Rex Murphy’s tribute to my late father, I was saddened that my father wasn’t able to hear Murphy’s wonderful words.  I’ve decided to write pieces that are dedicated to telling the people in my life how great I think they are.  I call them “Vituaries.”  

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