Monday, 8 December 2014

bring back my goodies to me

Day three of my challenge.  It's been a struggle; self-discipline is not my thing.

These are 15 foods that should NEVER have been taken off the market.


1. Rainbow Bread

A lot of people don't remember this - I don't even remember it that well because I was so young when it was on the market, but I definitely remember that it was the coolest.  I definitely ate a lot of sandwiches in the 90s.

2. Vanilla Coke

You can still get Vanilla Coke in some places in Canada, but for us in Newfoundland, we have to wait until Freak Lunchbox orders in a palette or two every so often.  Then we have to decide if we want it bad enough to pay $24 a case...

3. Cappucino Gum

I may be a weirdo for having liked this.  I mean the point in chewing gum is to get rid of coffee breath.  But dayum did I love this gum.

4. 3D Doritos

I don't know what it was about these, but everyone loved them.  Popping one of these hollow friggers into your mouth was the most satisfying thing ever.  Somehow the 3D version of these chips tasted better than the 2D versions of the same flavour.


5. Flinstones Push Up Pops

They were like push pops made of sherbet! The wrapper was so flimsy and the ice cream would melt all over you.  But, they were sherbet push pops!

 6. Crispy M&Ms 

Why did they even take these off the market?  They were DELICIOUS!  They have M&Ms with peanut butter and jelly in the middle but they discontinued the ones with wafer centres?!

7. Snapple Element drinks

I felt so cool holding one of these. I mean, check out the names of the flavors:  earth, sun, fire - so cool, right?!  They were so huge!  And so fruity.  And refreshing.

8. Orbitz

Honestly, these beverages were pretty gross.  The flavours weren't very good, and I always felt like I was drinking boogers.  But damn if they weren't the coolest looking drinks.

9. Spice Girls Gum

They came with Spice Girls tattoos!  And they were only 25¢ each.  And while we're at it, Spice Girls lollipops also kicked ass.  They had the Spice Girls' faces on them!

10. Bubble Beeper

My very first cellular device.  And it was delicious.

11. McDonald's Pizza

This stuff kicked ass.  They discontinued it because it took 11 minutes to make and customers complained too much about the long wait times.  Bitches ruined it for everyone.

12. Sprite Remix

It was like minty sprite, but it was cool.  Remixes are cool.

13. Kool Aid Bursts

These wax bottles only held two or three mouthfuls of juice, but the fun came with biting the tops off!

14. Clear Gatorade/Powerade

They just looked so cool.  It was like "man, you drinking water from a gatorade bottle?"  Then you'd be all "nah shawty, it's fierce grape."

15. Coca Cola Blāk

In theory, coffee-flavoured coke is gross.  And, in reality it was kinda gross.  Except, I really loved it.  But, I also loved cappucino gum so...


  1. self-discipline may not be your thing, but i hope you hold out ! I have been longing for something good to read and your posts are keeping me very entertained :)

  2. I agree with you. self-discipline doesn't come that easy at all. I started this challenge early this year with great passion and aspirations but something happened. out of no where, I lost the energy I started with; the same energy I needed to remain in the challenge. I was drowning back until I called myself to order and addressed it, disciplined it. now I'm back on track again. so far my work is private with Evernote.

    1. Keep it up! Gotta get back on the horse!