Tuesday, 9 December 2014

first world problems

First World Problems: problems from living in a wealthy, industrialized nation that 'third wordlers' would probably roll their eyes at (courtesy of urbandictionary.com)

It's growing meme and yeah, sometimes it's funny.  Like, "aw crap, I don't know which 20-carat diamond encrusted platinum ring to buy."

Some things that people complain about, though, that they deem as first world problems, really piss me off.  The following are ridiculous complaints that I've actually heard come out of someone's mouth. There are a lot so, strap in.

"My wallet is too fat and it won't fit in my pocket"

"My smart phone takes three too long to load Candy Crush"

"I can't fit any more food in my fridge"

"My free coffee doesn't taste very good"

"I asked for a medium cappuccino but they gave me a large, it's going to get cold before I can drink it all"

"The free WiFi in this place is so slow"

"My parents what to know what I want for Christmas but I can't think of what to ask for"

"I have too many gift cards and I don't know what to buy with them"

"I won a free case of Pepsi but I drink Coke"

"My dishwasher is broken so I have to wash my dishes by hand"

"I finished the TV show I was binge-watching; now I have nothing to do with my time"

"My iPod has too many gigs; there aren't any more songs I want to download"

"My boyfriend is too obsessed with me"

"I went to the doctor and I had to wait an hour" (for my free healthcare)

"I'm hungry, but I don't like any of the food in my house"

"I can't find my remote control and I don't want to get up to change the channel"

"I forgot to take a picture of my meal and post it to Instagram before I started eating"

"Netflix doesn't have commercials so now I don't know when to go use the bathroom"

"My power went out temporarily and my iPad wasn't charged"

"My family can't fit all of our cars in the driveway"

"I'm really thirsty, but I'm out of bottled water and I don't like tap water"

"Gas prices have dropped but I just filled up my tank yesterday"

"I have too many PS3 games so I can't decide what to play"

"I forgot to bring my phone to the bathroom; now I have nothing to do while I poop"

Just to add some perspective, here are some actual third world problems

22,000 children die each day in third world countries due to poverty

More than a billion people in third world countries do not have adequate access to clean drinking water

A quarter or more of the entire human population lives without electricity at all

More than half the population of all developing nations in the world depends on farming for survival

More than 800 million people have no access to health care

More than 870 million people in the entire third world population have no food to eat or a very precarious food supply

So, go ahead and complain to me about your phone battery dying.  And watch me punch you in the face.

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