Sunday, 21 December 2014

stocking stuff

Stockings were always my favourite part of Christmas.  It was so exciting to pick through the stuff and see what surprises were in there.  Even though I basically got the same stuff every year, I was always stoked about my stocking.

The following things, along with a few surprises, were what made up my stocking pretty much every Christmas.

Archie Comic Book
I don't quite know how this tradition happened.  My dad gave me an Archie comic book for Christmas one year and ever since then, there's been one in my stocking.  I don't know if I've ever actually read one before but, for some reason, I still looked forward to it every year.

Shaving Cream
This definitely had to be my mom's idea.  She's all about the practical gifts.  Not that it's a bad thing; it meant I didn't have to buy my own shaving cream for a while.

Mini Box of Cereal
I was always partial to the mini boxes of Frosted Flakes.  I'd never eat Frosted Flakes out of a regular-sized box.  They never tasted as good as when they were in the tiny boxes.  Don't ask.

An Orange
My dad always used to joke about what he got for Christmas as a child. 
He'd say "if you got an orange in your stocking, you'd be lucky!"  So every year, he put an orange in our stocking.  They always just ended up back in the fridge.

I got a thing for funky band-aids.  Luckily, I could count on getting a box in my stocking every year. 

Again, this had to be my mom's doing.  It was probably for the best, though, because by the time Christmas rolled around, I was due for a new toothbrush.  I mean, the last time I got a new one was... last Christmas.

Can of Soda
Usually it was a can of Coke or Pepsi.  Pretty genius, actually.  Takes up quite a bit of room and makes the stocking feel heavy.  Well played, parents.

Chocolate Santa
Classic stocking stuffer.  Classic and delicious.

Lays Stacks
Or Pringles.  I guess it would depend on which one was on sale at the time.

Hair Elastics
Probably because my mom kept finding mine all over the house and figured I was running out.  

Bubble Bath
One year it was grape-scented Dora the Explorer bubble bath.  Another year it was fruit punch-scented Toy Story bubble bath.  I don't care what scent it is this year, I just hope Sesame Street is involved.

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